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Patrick Michael Bands

"With over 23 years experience in the South African web space; our passion is to transfer that knowledge to you and your business."

Patrick Michael Bands

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Web development

Personalised to you and your customer

Web development | personalised

With over 25 years experience in web related activities; we understand the web's nuances, complexities and how confusing it may all seem. Contact us for a no obligation evaluation of your web needs.

Web marketing

Content Marketing | AdWords | SEO

Web Marketing Services | AdWords | SEO

Having built your website to suit your needs, we extend the service to online marketing. We are ideally positioned to do this. See Why?

Drupal development

Development | Project Management

Drupal Services | Development and Project Management

We have been developing in Drupal for over 10 years; - version 6, 7 and now 8. We bring you a core competency in developing and managing large and complex Drupal developments. Our Drupal portfolio gives more detail or to discuss your requirement contact us on the form below.

[ News ]

Inbound marketing - don’t end up on the Jersey side of things!

Inbound marketing is customer focussed. It is about understanding your customers and serving those customers with value content so as to attract, convert, close and delight. This post is the first of a series on Inbound Marketing. My aim is that at the end of the series, for you, Inbound Marketing…

A perspective of SERPs and the future of the (top) 10 blue links

A SERP is a Search Engine Results Page. When you type in a search query the results you get back from the search engine is called a SERP. The 10 blue links are the organic search result links that appear on the SERP. An organic link is a link that is not paid for (Pay per click ad), does not appear…

Google releases expanded text ads

I recently attended a webinar on Google's latest release Expanded Text Ads (ETA). The webinar was facilitated by an exceptional PPC company Wordstream.

[ Web development portfolio ]

Most of all, for your web needs, we know how to distill the myriad possibilities and to conceptualise a website that will work for you. Our clients tend to stay with us, why;

  • we understand and demystify the internet;
  • we work hard to understanding your business;
  • we produce a product suited to your needs;
  • we stand by you through the years, constantly working with you to optimise your online presence.

When you contact Digital Solace for a corporate website or custom application, we understand that the solution provided needs to be;

  • concise;
  • integrated;
  • scalable;
  • ever current;
  • easy to maintain;
  • cost effective.

Contact us now for a free needs evaluation.


Digital strategy, corporate website, online marketing.


Veronica Anderson Jewellery

Digital strategy, corporate website, online marketing, AdWords, SEO.


Dook Skin and Bone | commerce site

Commerce website


Zanta Hofmeyr | celebrity website

Celebrity website



Corporate Website


Constantia Insurace Group

Corporate website, Intranet document and communications solution.

Design by Its a Go


[ Web marketing portfolio ]

Having built your website to suit your needs, we extend the service to online marketing. We are ideally positioned to do this. Why?

  • We have taken the time to get to know your business and requirements;
  • We have built your website to those requirements, thus have informed knowledge to roll out marketing requirements efficiently;

My marketing services cover:

  • Content marketing strategy;
  • Email marketing and customer list management;
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);
  • AdWords and related campaigns;

Below is a sample of our marketing success portfolio:

NextBio Biosiences

AdWords, search, display network, re-marketing. The campaign has dominated the competition for four years.


Seating Office Furniture

AdWords, SEO, specialised landing pages


Veronica Anderson Jewellery

SEO, AdWords, Email Marketing. VAJ dominates the local custom jewellery organic search engine results.


[ Drupal application portfolio ]

We have been developing in Drupal for over 10 years; having developed in Drupal 6, 7 and now 8. We bring you a core competency in developing and managing large and complex Drupal custom developments, some spanning 3 years. These skills include:

  • system design and analysis;
  • budgeting;
  • custom module development;
  • mulit-tier data input and output;
  • integrated publishing solutions;
  • managing the development team;
  • testing and quality control;

We are able to add value to your team, contact us on the form below to discuss how.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence is a complex investor analysis tool. The system pulls in financial and economic data feeds and outputs various financial analysis and comparison metrics. Outputs include reports, peer comparisons, benchmarks, sector trading, forecast data, valuations and more. Development has spanned 3 years. Our roles here include:

  • system analysis and design;
  • development;
  • project management;
  • quality control and testing;


Constantia Group Intranet

Constantia Group Intranet is a corporate platform for internal communication and document distribution. The intranet is tagged on to the main website in a multi-site format and has:

  • multi-level user permissions;
  • user registratio and management;
  • differentiated push communication;
  • content and document management;
  • activity tracking and reporting;


Baobab Capital

The Baobab Capital system is an integrated client management and content publishing solutions: For this system we developed the following custom integrated modules:

  • Multi-tier CMS;
  • Integrated mailing solution with reporting;
  • Integrated content publishing and scheduling solution to PDF, website, social media and email lists;
  • Multi-tier user management and permissions;


[ Leadership ]

Patrick Michael Bands

Patrick Michael Bands


Patrick has been involved with the SA internet space since the early 1990’s at which point for the majority in SA the internet was an unknown! Patrick joined the pioneering team of Kevin Davie and South Africa’s first pure online publication Woza Internet. Since then Patrick has been intimately involved in most aspects of the internet. Publishing, marketing, sales, corporate solutions, internet incubation, development, design, e-marketing, AdWords, SEO, systems analysis and systems design.
Patrick brings a passion for integrated web systems and content efficiency and has an innate ability to demystify the complexities of the internet for lay people. With phrases such as ‘optimise your pockets of potential®’ and ‘create once, publish many’ the systems designed by Digital Solace lean towards integration and publishing efficiency. The success of a web presence hinges on value content and understanding and nurturing this co-efficient for our customers is a bedrock principle of Digital Solace.


Jethro Solomon

Jethro Solomon


Jethro is a full-stack Drupal developer, with five years Drupal experience. He currently specialises in Drupal deployed on a LAMP environment taking a keen interest in the Ubuntu Linux distribution as his go-to platform. Jethro started programming with the Pascal programming language at age 12, which progressed to PHP/MySQL programming for websites at age 14, leaving him with twelve years exposure to designing and developing websites and web applications. Jethro has a keen interest in content marketing and SEO. Jethro has a solid grounding in the business logic of the internet, and supplies invaluable direction through his extensive knowledge of web development and inbound marketing.